WEB3DEV: Fostering Cartesi Adoption Through Education and Community Building in LATAM

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WEB3DEV: Fostering Cartesi Adoption Through Education and Community Building in LATAM

Empowering the largest web3 developer community in Latin America to harness the power of Cartesi through education, community engagement, and application development.

Project Description

WEB3DEV is a thriving web3 developers community in Latin America with over 6,400 active members. Our community is segmented into dedicated pods, each focusing on different web3 technologies. These pods, led by competent leaders, help drive growth in the ecosystem and deliver value to the WEB3DEV community.

Our efforts are channeled into three main areas:

  1. Community: Engaging software developers to create exclusive, high-quality content about web3 technologies.
  2. Education: Offering an education platform to train individuals on blockchain technologies via bootcamps.
  3. Building: Linking our skilled members with varying ecosystem demands to build innovative solutions.

Value proposition

Latin America is home to thousands of talented developers and data scientists eager to explore new technologies like Cartesi, but language barriers and lack of localized content limit their progress. Our project will bridge this gap by offering localized Cartesi-focused content to drive adoption and facilitate innovation.

Through our project, Cartesi will have direct access not only to the biggest economy in Latin America - Brazil, but also to the largest web3 developers community in that location, fostering solutions for local challenges such as environmental issues, agro-business certifications, and wealth distribution.

How you will use Cartesi, specifically?

Our project will utilize Cartesi’s Descartes SDK to create educational content that promotes a deep understanding of Cartesi’s unique features and capabilities. This initiative will not only empower developers with the necessary skills to create Cartesi-based solutions, but will also amplify the adoption of Cartesi across Latin American startups and projects.


Milestone 1:

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Deliverables: 10 videos and 10 text articles, Social media promotions
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 1: $11,000 USD

Milestone 2:

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Deliverables: 10 videos and 10 text articles,
  • One Online Bootcamp
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 2: $8,000 USD

Milestone 3:

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Deliverables: 10 videos and 10 text articles
  • Another Online Bootcamp
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 3: $8,000 USD

Total funds requested

$30,000 USD

Use of funds (specific breakdown):

  • Project Management: $4,000
  • Video Production: $10,500
  • Articles Production: $7,500
  • Bootcamp: $8,000
  • Content Advertising / Social Media Engagement: free

About your Team

Daniel Cukier

Role: Project Lead

Relevant Experience

  • PhD in Computer Science, Developer since 1995, In Crypto since 2020
  • Founder of Playax, CTO of Elo7, CTO of Pravaler


Role: Co-Lead

Relevant Experience

  • Serial entrepreneur, Software developer since 1998, In Crypto since 2015

Yan Luiz

Role: Content Creator and Educator

Relevant Experience

  • Developer since 2014, In Crypto since 2016
  • Youtuber, Solidity Teacher, Blockchain Developer

Links and resources

Web3DEV Links

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Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, this does not align with the goals of the CGP mandate- to fund the building of public goods projects that make use of Cartesi Technology, reusable infrastructure, and reusable DApp components which make use of Cartesi Technology.

However, the Developer Advocacy unit has similar initiatives with which you may find common ground. You can reach out to them here Grant Proposals