Could Someone Provide me with an Understanding on Cartesi's Technical Vision and Roadmap?

Hello everyone :wave:

I am interested in learning more about Cartesis technical vision and roadmap. As someone who is excited by the concept of blockchain and its possible uses; I have been closely watching Cartesis progress.

  • Could you explain Cartesis ultimate technical vision? What are the fundamental ideas that drive the development of Cartesis blockchain network and devices? Understanding this will help me understand how Cartesi wants to innovate in the blockchain sector.
  • What are significant achievements and improvements that It wants for himself in the near future? I am very interested in any scheduled improvements and launches that may have an important effect on developers and customers in the overall system.
  • How can community members like myself contribute to determining Cartesi’s professional direction? Are there opportunities for programmers and consumers to participate in testing, providing feedbac;, and possibly supplying programming to the project?
  • Has It recently created any significant collaborations and collaborations that are in line with its technical goals? Considering these relationships may provide an understanding of how Cartesi wants to expand its reach and abilities.
  • What unique ways is cartesi researching to improve scalability while maintaining privacy and centralization?
  • I believe that learning these factors will not only expand my knowledge; but also allow me to contribute more effectively to community discussions.

Also I explored some topics related to this but I did not get the sufficient solution of my query so I would really want to get some help from a more experienced person.

I would greatly appreciate :hugs:any suggestions,. links to relevant sites;, and relevant information.

Thank you in advance for your efforts :saluting_face:

Hello @Aurorava :black_heart:
According to my knowledge Cartesi’s Technical Evolution Plan (TEP) drives its blockchain innovation. Key areas include R&D, decentralization, and design space expansion. Community involvement is encouraged through forums and feedback. While recent collaborations aren’t specified, Cartesi actively seeks partnerships aligned with its goals. Scalability and privacy are ongoing research priorities.

I agree with you.