BUIDL On Cartesi Bootcamps

After ETHCameroon 2023 in Douala, Cameroon, in late November, I’m traveling on outreach with three experienced Web3 Devs to three neighboring countries of the Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic (Which uses Bitcoin as national currency), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We want to organize two Blockchain Bootcamps in the Republic of Congo & DRC for Web3 and Web2 Devs. These countries have some Web3 devs, but many Web2 Devs hoping to transition into Web3. The goal is to run a weekend or a week-long bootcamps depending on funding. This can be boosted with a month-long virtual workshop after the boot camps to lead them to understand how to build on Cartesi. In each country, we will onboard 40 Devs, who can be the nucleus of a movement of Devs, building meaningful decentralized tools for sustainable development in Africa. This could be feasibility studies for the Cartesi community to decide whether to support us in rolling out the BUIDL On Cartesi Bootcamps to other African countries. For sustainability, the plan is to urge the participants to form groups and present project proposals they want to build on Cartesi. These devs can also be part of Cartesi Hackathons. My background is in communications. I stumbled on Bitcoin in 2011 and took it seriously in 2012. I have been a nomad across Africa since 2016, promoting Blockchain technology and engaging its communities. Thirty-three countries and I’m still counting. I have written for the Cointelegraph, CryptoCoinsNews, Bitcoin.com, etc. My experience spans working in various comms roles with several protocols. I’m the convener of ETHCameroon 2023, President at Africa Blockchain University (currently being rebranded), and founder of Timbuktu DAO, which is embryonic. Check me out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoTraveler1. Hello Community, your feedback is warmly welcome.

Hi @Cryptotraveler thanks so much for adding to the Blue Sky Ideas! It was a pleasure to speak with you earlier today to discuss this in more detail, and to hear about your inspiring journey where you pioneered to bring blockchain to the community in Africa. Lets continue our dialogue to see how the power of Cartesi can be introduced to the growing community of enthusiasts in Africa :rocket:

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The pleasure is always mine. The proposal system reminds me of my days at Dash. Sure, I’m eagerly looking forward to unleashing the power of Cartesi in Africa. Thanks for your time and the feedback.