Building Cartesi community of developers and users in Ghana

As a crypto enthusiast and advocate, my activities over the years have been to support the ecosystem developed, and promoted at my local area and country.
It is time we give attention to the ever growing CARTESI BLOCKCHAIN.
I am proposing to kickstart a series of meetups events across Ghana dubbed "Building CARTESI COMMUNITY OF DEVELOPE
All in attempt to stimulate and galvanize attention, enthusiasts and support to build a community to embrace Cartesi as developers, users and entrepreneurs.
I would like to hope the community will pay attention and support my initiative.

Great initiative! Keep on going :blush:

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Appreciate the compliments!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Cartesi’s ecosystem and the initiative to build a community of developers and users in Ghana. We look forward to connecting with you directly to learn more about your goals and execution plans, in order to assess if and how this idea can be better shaped for accessing a grant.

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