Cartesi Academy - Creation of introductory educational resources about Cartesi

Project Name and One-Line POC Description
Cartesi Academy - Creation of introductory educational resources about Cartesi.

Core Concept and Purpose Statement
This POC aims to demonstrate the feasibility of creating a series of introductory educational resources about Cartesi technology. The essence of this POC lies in providing a solid foundation for future educational resources and showcasing their utility for the community.

How You Will Specifically Use Cartesi
In this POC, we will use Cartesi’s documentation to create the educational resources, emphasizing its key benefits and essential elements.

Technical Details
The POC will include a series of introductory videos and detailed articles about Cartesi. Diagrams and visual examples will be an integral part of these resources.

Value Proposition
This POC provides value to the Cartesi developer ecosystem by offering high-quality educational resources that facilitate understanding of the technology and its application. Developers and the community will benefit from access to these informative resources.

Estimated Duration and Requested Funds
Duration: 2 months.
Funds Requested for the POC: $6,000 USD.

Subsequent Vision and Extensibility
If the POC is successful, the future vision involves the creation of a complete “Cartesi Academy” with a wide range of educational resources. Additionally, opportunities to expand educational resources to more advanced areas of Cartesi development will be explored.

Reusability and Other Use Cases
The POC will serve as a foundation for the creation of other educational resources in the Cartesi ecosystem. The topics and concepts presented in the POC will be entirely open source for community use.

Risks and Contingency Plans
Possible challenges include the complexity of creating high-quality educational content. If we encounter obstacles, we will continuously evaluate quality through feedback from the Cartesi community.

Success Criteria
The success of this POC will be measured by the creation and launch of a series of high-quality introductory educational resources that are available to the community.

Deliverables include three animated videos in a mixed 2D and 3D style:

  1. Video 1: Introducing Cartesi: Technology and Vision
    • This video will provide a captivating introduction to Cartesi, focusing on its core technology and visionary goals. It will explain how Cartesi’s approach is unique and how it addresses real-world challenges in the blockchain and smart contract space. Engaging visuals and clear narration will ensure that viewers gain a deep understanding of Cartesi’s mission.

Video 2: Enabling Ethereum-Linux Interoperability with Cartesi Rollups

  • In this video, we will explore the exciting concept of Cartesi Rollups, a groundbreaking innovation that enables seamless interoperability between the Ethereum blockchain and the Linux universe. Viewers will embark on a journey through this technology, gaining insights into its applications, advantages, and how it significantly enhances scalability in the blockchain ecosystem. With the help of diagrams and real-world use cases, we will make the content accessible, informative, and emphasize the remarkable potential for Ethereum and Linux integration.
  1. Video 3: The Cartesi Machine
    • This video will unveil the intricacies of the Cartesi Machine, providing a detailed look at its architecture and capabilities. Viewers will gain insights into how it allows for complex computations and off-chain processing within smart contracts. Visual representations and animations will demystify the technical aspects for a broad audience.


  1. A View of the Roadmap
    • This comprehensive article will offer a detailed roadmap of Cartesi’s development and growth. It will outline the milestones achieved and those that lie ahead. It will provide a clear vision of Cartesi’s future, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the project’s evolution.
  2. Cartesi Governance, Forum, and Voting Process
    • This article will explore the governance structure of Cartesi, shedding light on how the community can actively participate in shaping the project’s future. It will delve into the governance token, forum discussions, and the voting process. Practical guidance and real-world examples will be included to help users navigate and engage in Cartesi’s governance effectively.

Final Report
Yes, we are willing to provide a detailed report in case the POC is not successful. This report will include the reasons for the failure, the approaches used, and recommendations for future efforts in this project.

About Your Development team

Our incredible team is composed of:

  1. Diego: Founder and ceo @Cryptoversidad.
  2. Ben: Co-founder and adviser.
  3. Pilar: Head of Research. In charge of all the research & writing of our amazing content!
  4. Dani: Audiovisual Producer. The hand behind our amazing animations.
  5. Yami: Animation and design. The hand behind our amazing graphics.
  6. Robert: Operations Assistant. Helps identify and solve all types of problems.
  7. Juan Parra: Marketing Lead. Helps us share our work with the world.

ERC-20 Payee address

[The address must be a mainnet Ethereum ERC-20 address that can accept USDC.]


Hi @pilar. Thank you for submitting this proposal. Your proposal is out of scope of the current POC framework. I would encourage heading over to Cartesi Discord under #docs channel. I know the Developer advocacy team is actively engaged on this area.

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