Response to RFP#003 (Complex Vouchers)

Response to the RFP #003 (Complex Vouchers)

  • Deliverables:
    Solidity library with each specified voucher caracteristcs quoted in the RFP as listed below:

    -Ordered vouchers: voucher A can only be executed after voucher B was executed
    -Paid vouchers: vouchers that pay the user that executed them
    -Re-executable vouchers: vouchers that can be executed multiple times
    -Targeted vouchers: vouchers that can only be executed by a specific address (or list of addresses)
    -Expirable vouchers: vouchers that can only be executed until a certain timestamp
    -Future vouchers: that can only be executed after a certain timestamp
    -Atomic vouchers: a sequence of message calls executed in order

  • Detailed test report for the library

  • A user guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Solidity library.

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Funds request (USD) : 2000

  • The Team:

-Felipe Bizzo - Blockchain engineer


ERC-20 Payee address: 0x6a1f1531255df3a703dd1610d22c8524d133367b


Thank you for submitting this, we will review and we encourage others from the community to share their feedback.

Thanks for the submission!
Your proposal does not include progressive deliverables or milestones.
Should we assume all deliverables will be presented at once, with a single payment upon successful completion?

Besides this confirmation, I have no objections to the proposal and suggest that it be sent to voting immediately.

Yes, that is correct. Since it is a small project I had not seen the need to split it in multiple deliverables. However, I am open to changing that if it is best for the project.

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Thanks for your reply. We will move this forward to a vote on Snapshot, with the assumption of a single milestone payout. I will post the Snapshot link here when it is live.

This proposal is now available to vote on at Snapshot

Congratulations, this proposal has passed its community vote with 100% vote to fund. I will reach out to you about next steps. Thanks to everyone for their participation!

EDIT: moved to “Funded projects” category.

Grants Council Commentary: This RFP has been completed and the Grants Council has awarded @Sidocha with 2000 USDC for their outstanding work on the Complex Vouchers RFP. We see a Solidity library that extends the expressiveness of Complex vouchers as something needed for Cartesi dapps. The code can be reviewed here, GitHub - cartesi/rollups-contracts at feature/complex-vouchers