Enhanced Complex Vouchers

A version of complex vouchers were already done in response to the RFP #3. However, with the upcoming completion of the output unification, we will be able to implement the complex vouchers as a library, using DelegateCall, making it a lot easier to use and with more functionalities.

Guilherme did a nice write up about examples of useful comple vouchers in this Github issue.

Time based vouchers also have a bunch of applications in finance. For example, we could have a forward operation that allows me to buy X amount of a token in a future date for a certain price x. The application can generate two vouchers at the moment of the deal that can only be executed at the forward contract expiration date: one transfer of x eth from the buyer to the seller and a transfer of X tokens to the buyer.

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This was the best explanation I’ve read so far of the potential for these complex vouchers, thank you!

It also crossed my mind that these forward operations seem like a great fit for Optimistic Rollups because they imply high latency already (e.g., if the future date is one month from now, by then the voucher will be more than finalized!)

Flexibility of side-effects seems like a great improvement!
And it doesnt look like a major feature that would take a long time to implement (given the fulfilled RFP).

I like the idea of pushing forward things that are quick to do, since they start bringing value faster than the ones that take a long time. So I support this idea!