CGP Pilot Program Roundup and Transition to Wave 1

Applications for Wave 1 are set to open soon, and further information will be shared in the upcoming days.

The Cartesi Grants Program pilot has concluded, and the Grants Council is excited to share the outcomes. The pilot has marked a significant stride towards the development of a decentralized grants framework.

The program follows a milestone-based payout framework. Several grants have been finalized and awarded, while some have completed their projects and others are in the final stages of completing their milestones. This marks the end of the pilot, and the Grants Council will not be accepting more proposals under CGP pilot terms.

Here is the list of projects approved for funding during the pilot program:

  1. Painting dApp: A collective painting DApp, allowing users to collaboratively paint and generate unique NFTs. Check out their Github to follow further development updates, or watch the demo here.
  2. Complex Vouchers: An RFP proposal for implementing Complex Vouchers in Cartesi Rollups. Check out their Github.
  3. Drand: A Cartesi PRNG project creating a versatile and reusable component library using React and TypeScript, designed to integrate a PRNG algorithm into Cartesi’s technology stack. Check out their Github.
  4. Cartenix: A proof of concept allowing you to run Nix inside the Cartesi virtual machine leveraging its determinism to accomplish complete reproducibility.
  5. Blockoasis: This project ensures secure water resource management, addressing industrial exploitation, using Cartesi Rollups for dispute validation, and generating verifiable water usage notifications post-disputes.
  6. DCA.Monster: The DCA. Monster project originated from ETH Global Paris 2023. The project is a novel AMM leveraging ERC20 streams for granular, efficient on-chain DCA. Combining Uniswap V2’s power with Token Streaming, they’re enabling “Infinite Granularity DCA” and a more dynamic DCA experience. Making advanced on-chain DCA. Check out their Github for development updates, explore their website, or watch the demo here.
  7. AI License Plate Violations detector: The proposed project aims to build an on-chain-verifiable image recognition system using AI algorithms, which can be run on the Cartesi Virtual Machine and whose results can be stored in the blockchain. Check out their Github.

The Grants Council is available to offer any clarification around the pilot program and provide feedback and support regarding CGP Wave 1 and is currently discussing next steps and preparing launch of Wave 1 of the Cartesi Grants Program.

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What about projects that are currently in discussion? like mydata?

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Hi! For proposals submitted before CGP Pilot roundup and are still in review will be carried forward and integrated to the to Wave 1 processes.

Happy to be here. I hope I can contribute more in the next wave.

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