About the Technical Vision Forum category

All discussions related to Cartesi’s technical vision.

This is the Technical Vision Forum – Cartesi’s open canvas for proposing, exploring, and deliberating technical features that community members would like to see incorporated into the ecosystem’s Technical Evolution Plan.

Any contributor or community member who wants a technical feature recognized in the Technical Evolution Plan must make a proposal by using the “+ New Topic” button in the Technical Vision Forum. Opening a new topic in the Technical Vision Forum is required in order to have a feature included in Cartesi’s Technical Evolution Plan.

While there is no prescribed format for proposing technical features, detailed specifications are not encouraged at this stage of the process. Instead, proposers are encouraged to provide high-level ideation sufficient to invite discussion and deliberation on new technical features.

Once a new proposal is made, all interested community members are invited to review and comment. Discussion in the Technical Vision Forum is the initial step toward fostering collective prioritization for technical features in the Cartesi ecosystem.

For more information on the process, please see “A Process For Setting Cartesi’s Technical Evolution In The Mainnet Era”.