CartesiScan - Etherscan for Cartesi DApps

Etherscan has long been recognized as an indispensable tool within the Ethereum ecosystem, providing a comprehensive view into the blockchain’s state, including transaction histories, smart contract interactions, and wallet balances. This level of transparency and usability is not just a convenience but a fundamental requirement for developers, users, and stakeholders to interact confidently and efficiently with the blockchain.

Cartesi, being a RISC-V execution environment, the direct application of Etherscan’s capabilities is not feasible due to compatibility issues.

To address these challenges, the development of Cartesiscan represents a significant milestone for the Cartesi ecosystem. Cartesiscan is a component that ensures Cartesi dapps remains accessible, transparent, and manageable. It mirrors the functionalities of Etherscan that the community has come to rely on, such as tracking inputs, dapps deployed, and wallet interactions, but is uniquely tailored to accommodate Cartesi’s distinct architecture.

Including Cartesiscan in the TEP acknowledges its critical role in the ecosystem’s health and future growth, ensuring it receives the necessary resources and attention to evolve alongside Cartesi Rollups.

Here is a link to the current version: