Technical Vision Council Member Introductions

Hi Governance Forumers and enthusiasts of the Vision Council! I’m Cynthia, and I’m pleased to represent the community voice and marketing vision for this initiative.

I’ve been part of the Cartesi community since 2021, even before officially joining the ecosystem. In the blockchain space since 2018, while involved in other projects and communities, my appreciation for Cartesi has grown due to the dedication of all contributors who continue building tirelessly, regardless of market trends, understanding that only technological advancements will ultimately drive industry adoption and value.

As we navigate the mainnet phase of Cartesi Rollups, my vision for the next phase is to enhance visibility for practical use cases and end-user products. Our path towards achieving growing adoption and popularity should pass through better support designed to transition projects built with Cartesi from PoCs or MVPs to the market.

I believe we need more hands-on examples and tangible, usable dApps to inspire the developer community, encouraging their creativity and a desire to build something innovative. The infrastructure development has come a long way, and now we are at a great moment to start highlighting use cases, interesting, and innovative dApps to grow our community.

By focusing on a showing rather than telling approach, developers will be more attracted to dive in and discover how certain dApps have been made possible, ultimately leading them to discover Cartesi’s capabilities. They need stepping stones to spark their creativity, and before being developers, they are users too. Functional products and dApps would legitimize and highlight the technology by themselves.

I envision developing more dApps as end-user products and even accelerator-like initiatives, with the sole purpose of assisting the projects that should be taken to the next level, turning them into usable products. Supporting these dApps to reach a launching point/product-market fit and acquire users will also rally community members’ involvement.

To make the above happen, I envision Cartesi providing improved follow-up and technical support for all projects built by Cartesi contributors, other integrators, or funded through CGP or DevAd Seed Grants, facilitating secure progress. It would also assist with various aspects, including audits, fundraising, launch strategy, marketing, etc. Additionally, it involves revisiting the Ecosystem Incentive Program we discussed a while ago - the fund allocated to support dApps’ user acquisition. Overall, continuous support for the development, visibility, and usability of the dApps built with Cartesi. Let’s bring Cartesi’s end-user products to market!