[REJECTED] Gonana: A web3 enabled marketplace for commodity traders

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Gonana is a web3 enabled marketplace that connects farmers and commodity traders directly to their customers without the need for a middleman. The marketplace exists to help farmers and commodity traders retain some of the profit they would have lost to the middlemen

Project Description

Gonana is a unique and easy-to-use web3 enabled marketplace for farmers/commodity traders worldwide.Its innovative technology stack enables seamless interaction for local and international traders to connect and conduct business transparently by leveraging the power of Blockchain technology without the involvement of any middleman. Gonana prides itself by providing a DeFi solution on the marketplace with an ultimate user experience which guarantees a social atmosphere for all users. The need for farmers and other commodity traders to be digitally included makes us committed to building the best and easy web3 enabled marketplace for these users and also a DEX integrated to provide Defi services to meet the needs of the farmers/commodity traders thereby providing a one stop digital solution for both the farmers and other users.

The integrated DeFi solution gives access to alternative finance for their businesses because of how difficult it is for Farmers/commodity traders to access funding for their businesses. The Gonana DeFi solution is structured in a way that meets the needs of these users and even other users of the marketplace thereby providing the services they can’t get in other marketplaces.

Gonana provides a flexible payment solution that takes care of the needs of crypto users who would like to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Gonana has designed to integrate a crypto payment option with an onramp and offramp feature that helps these non-tech savvy users who still want to receive payment or make payment in crypto.

Value proposition

Cartesi is delivering the true value of blockchain and also enabling decentralization by making the interaction with the tools within its ecosystem very easy. Gonana wants to make the marketplace as easy as possible and ensure that the over $5 trillion market size comes on the blockchain but not just on the blockchain but to be deployed on Cartesi. For instance, Nigeria has a very large population of farmers and commodity traders who are looking for alternatives to the traditional systems of doing business and settlement. Our target is to bring these users to Cartesi not just as community members but also as contributors and consumers of Cartesi tools and services.

Gonana is providing a web3 enabled marketplace that will be deployed on Cartesi as a primary blockchain. This is to ensure the security, transparency, decentralization and scalability of the marketplace. This will also ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of trade and service delivery as everything can be traceable and transparent and it will enhance dispute resolution.

This is a move to help commodity traders and farmers retain a large portion of their profit that will usually be taken by middlemen for providing access to the market and also providing logistics. Gonana has partnered with supply chain companies who can help close this gap and also help the farmer/commodity traders to be more efficient in terms of service delivery. In regards to payment processing, Gonana has made it swift and smooth for farmers and commodity traders as soon as the customers confirms successful delivery, farmers and commodity traders money is released from the escrow unto the farmers wallet which the farmers can easily offramp without any much difficulty.

How you will use Cartesi, specifically?

Being a blockchain that helps developers to build and deploy decentralized applications seamlessly due to the user-friendly stacks within its ecosystem. The fact that Cartesi’s design helps decentralized application build to scale and its interoperability also contribute to helping developers not just to deploy but to also have seamless experience running on Cartesi.

In the deployment of Gonana, we’ll be leveraging on most of the Cartesi tools/features for integration some of which will be;

Cartesi’s off-chain computation which capabilities allow complex computations, such as order matching, trade execution, arbitration and settlement, to be performed off-chain, which can reduce the load on the main blockchain and improve the speed and efficiency of the DEX and other DEFI solutions of Gonana.

Cartesi’s decentralized file storage system (SQLite) allows large amounts of data to be stored off-chain, which can be useful for storing order book data, trading history, and other data related to Gonana.

Cartesi SDK for smart contract development, testing and debugging code, and deploying applications on the network, which can help developers create more advanced and sophisticated smart contracts for order matching, trade execution, and other functions. Also, ensuring smart contracts are secure and free from vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Cartesi is designed to be interoperable with multiple blockchain networks, which can make it easier for Gonana to integrate with different blockchain ecosystems and reach a broader user base.

By performing complex computations off-chain, Cartesi can help reduce the gas fees associated with on-chain transactions, which can make it more affordable for users to trade. Cartesi can also reduce the attack surface on Gonana by minimizing the amount of code running on the main blockchain. This can help reduce the risk of vulnerabilities or exploits in smart contracts or other code running on the main blockchain.


Milestone 1:

  • Duration: [3 weeks]

  • Deliverables: [ 1. Token, Swapping and staking smart contracts will be deployed. Also, product design will be made. Landing, product, about page and wallet integration will be implemented.

  1. Documentation about what is going to be delivered.
  2. Real time demo to Cartesi]
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 1: [$12,000 USD]

Milestone 2:

  • Duration: [3 weeks]

  • Deliverables: [ 1. Marketplace smart contract will be implemented including user Dashboard ui and wallet integration, with backend setup

  1. Documentation about what is going to be delivered.
  2. Real time demo to Cartesi]
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 2: [$12,000 USD]

Milestone 3:

  • Duration: [ 2 weeks]

  • Deliverables: [ 1. Smart contract and UI integration will be done, Also, completion of necessary endpoints

  1. Documentation about what is going to be delivered.
  2. Real time demo to Cartesi]
  • Funds request (USD) for milestone 3: [$4,000 USD]

Total funds requested

$[28,000] USD

About your Team

Stephen Sunday
(Founder) A blockchain enthusiast who is running a tech consulting firm (Kusuconsult), a community builder, a content developer, and a blockchain developer. He has been working with startups/hubs for years now and he co-founded Univote (a blockchain based voting application that hosted the first blockchain elections in Africa at the University of Jos) and also Jaysources, a DApp deployed on the Algorand.

Relevant Experience

  • [Founder and CEO Kusuconsult]
  • [West Africa Lead Ambassador Aeternity]
  • [Technical Ambassador Algorand]

Joshua Nwafor: (CTO) A young passionate developer and trainer at KusuConsult, focused on building outstanding tech solutions using the most efficient and effective methods and tools possible or available. Joshua Nwafor is a Full stack Software developer with over 7 years of experience building and developing various tech solutions (Mobile, Web, Backend Systems and Blockchain integration)

Kizito Horlong: (Lead Engineer) An optimistic and passionate software developer with four years of experience responsible for building efficient tech solutions in Web, backend systems and Blockchain. Also, Data science. Using python, solidity and javascript with frameworks such as Django, Flask, ReactJs, NodeJs also Tensorflow, Scikit-learn etc

Timbyen Amos Dashe: (Sales/Marketing) A serial entrepreneur and sales administrator. Founder/CEO of TAD’s Kitchen and Culinary services. Sales Consultant at Inanmi Farms. She is passionate about growth and community building, therefore committing everything to achieve growth.

Dusu Thomas Shut: (Legal/Compliance) He is Legal Practitioner, Blockchain enthusiast and a Law Lecturer at the Plateau State University, Bokkos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He has practiced law for over ten (10) years in Nigeria and majors in Corporate Law Practice. In his ten (10) years of Legal Practice, he has worked with reputable law firms one of which is Solomon E. Umoh (SAN) & Co., where he was involved in legal practice in different fields, carrying out legal consultations, writing legal opinions and briefs. Part of the Companies he has consulted for is Jmofs Enterprises (Winner, Nigeria Federal Government MSME Awards 2022).

Links and resources

Website: https://www.gonana.farm
Social: https://twitter.com/Gonanafarm
Github: Gonana-farm · GitHub

ERC-20 Payee address


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Thank you for submitting your grant proposal for Gonana. We appreciate the effort and time you put into creating this proposal and presenting your vision for the project.

Unfortunately I believe that this project does not fit the programs guidelines.

Our community grant program focuses on supporting public goods projects, reusable infrastructure, and reusable DApp components that contribute to the sustainable growth of the Cartesi ecosystem. A full-scale application, which is what I understood Gonana is from the proposal, is not aligned with our program’s mandate.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions! And good luck with the project.

As Felipe has explained, as your proposal stands currently, we cannot fund it. However, if you could break it down into independent modules that could be reused by other projects or developers in their own projects, this is something we could consider funding. If possible, please pick one aspect of the system that is able to be “modularized” as I’ve described, and submit a new proposal for that module.