[REJECTED] DOCit - A Discord Bot for Catesi Documentation and Support

New POC Proposal


We have developed docIT, a private Discord bot that enables users to “talk to your docs.”

Core Concept and purpose statement

The bot is designed to support multiple document sites, integrating evolving Language Learning Models (LLMs). It aims to unify Catesi’s essential GitHub repositories, documentation, related articles, and forum posts. This provides users with a conversational interface where they can ask questions and receive natural language responses, complete with supporting links. Our goal is to integrate docIT with the Catesi ecosystem to lower educational barriers. To ensure transparent and accurate information, docIT is programmed to prevent hallucinations and provide responses with sourced material.

How will you use Cartesi, specifically?

  • Augmenting the Developer Relations (DevRel) and Community Support teams at Catesi

Through these objectives, we aim to enhance both team and user experiences by facilitating more efficient and effective interactions.

Technical details

Language: Typescript | Node.js

Database: Supabase | self-hosted docker files

Hosting location: Digital Ocean

Scaling: Increased instance sizes will be utilized. If needed, will setup shared instances across VMs to balance load.

CI/CD: Github Actions into Digital Ocean

All secrets stored in environment variables

Data Sources: Documentation, primary repo, open to pulling chat history or other sources if needed.

UI Development

App will front to Discord Bot

Commands: Direct mention docIT with a question. DocIT will respond in a thread with response. All additional communications can exist in a threaded conversation.

Happy to create more commands or interactions if needed.

Value Proposition

A tailored chatbot provide unique value to Cartessi through curated responses that link to public documentation. This allows the Cartessi team a new async outlet of information in local channels (disocrd, telegram, etc). This decreases low-level Cartessi support load and drives increased self-service user-adoption.

Estimated Duration and Funds Requested

Duration: [4]

Funds request (USD) for the POC: [$8000 USD]

Subsequent Vision and Extensibility

This is a singular project that will grow its backend. We’re constantly testing LLMs and hosting infrastructure. This grant will help DOCit team to explore scalablable private LLMs for commercial usage in blockchain tech.

Reusability and Other Use Cases

Expanding into multiple chat systems (discord, telegram, etc), also moving the chat system to webpages.

Risks and Contingency Plans

This has been implemented so risks have already been addressed.

Success criteria

Funcioning chatbot in Discord providing accurate responses with links.

Final report


About Your Development team

Nigel Alford - owner/lead developer

ERC-20 Payee address


Hi @DOCit . Thank you for putting your proposal foward. Your proposal is out of scope of the current POC framework. I would encourage heading over to Cartesi Discord under #docs channel to gain insights on the current status of Cartesi documentation, I know the Developer advocacy team is actively engaged on this area.

Quick note, if you identify any gaps with the Cartesi Learn Docs I would encourage you to work on them. Through that it’s easier to see the value it had on Cartesi ecosystem and get retroactively rewarded for that.

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