[RFP #005] Development of a Board Games Framework


The transition of board games to digital platforms offers an enriched and modern gaming experience. With frameworks like boardgame.io, the development process of these games has become more streamlined, allowing for easier creation of games without delving into complex networking or storage code. There is an emerging opportunity to leverage such frameworks in the Cartesi Machine environment to bring board games into this decentralized landscape.

This RFP is directed towards evaluating proposals that either port the existing boardgame.io framework to the Cartesi Machine environment or use it as a foundation to create a framework specifically designed for Cartesi’s requirements.

Scope of Work:

The selected team will:

  1. Review and understand the current capabilities of boardgame.io and its fit for the Cartesi Machine environment.
  2. Decide upon either:
  • A direct port of boardgame.io ensuring complete compatibility with Cartesi Machine.
  • A newly designed framework heavily inspired by boardgame.io tailored to the Cartesi Machine environment.
  1. Ensure the framework (whether ported or inspired) supports multi-player capabilities, including online and offline modes, within the Cartesi ecosystem.
  2. Build a user-friendly editor/interface for game developers to seamlessly integrate, test, and launch their games on Cartesi.


  1. A functional framework compatible with the Cartesi Machine, either ported from boardgame.io or inspired by it.
  2. Comprehensive documentation detailing design, architecture, and usage guidelines.
  3. An intuitive game editor interface tailored for Cartesi.
  4. Sample games developed using the new framework demonstrating its capabilities in the Cartesi environment. Highly recommended to have one game deployed to Sepolia or some other testnet.
  5. The entire codebase with a permissive open-source license.
  6. A user guide for both developers and end-users.

Technical Requirements:

  1. The framework should be optimized for performance, scalability, and adaptability in the Cartesi environment.
  2. Seamless integration with Cartesi’s other tools and systems.
  3. Ensure support for multi-language and accessibility features.
  4. Comprehensive test coverage is essential.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Technical capability and evidence of past similar projects. Assessment of the team’s technical skills, experience, and expertise, with a focus on their ability to develop and implement solutions in a regular and/or decentralized environment.
  2. Cost-effectiveness and value proposition of the proposal. Evaluation of the proposal’s cost-effectiveness in delivering the desired framework and its overall value proposition. This is a relation between budget allocation and the proposed benefits relative to the cost.
  3. Adherence to modern development best practices. Assessment of the proposal’s alignment with modern development best practices, including frameworks used techniques, and maintainability. Proposals should demonstrate a commitment to producing a high-quality product.

Submission Requirements:

  1. A detailed proposal outlining the technical, architectural, and design approaches, specifying the choice between porting or creating a new inspired framework.
  2. Team overview, emphasizing experience in development (bonus for game development and the boardgame.io framework) and familiarity with Cartesi.
  3. Proposed development, testing, and delivery timeline.
  4. Transparent cost estimation and budget allocation.
  5. Additional materials supporting the proposal, like conceptual designs or case studies.

Bidding Instructions:

Interested teams should confirm the intention to submit a proposal and express their needs to the Cartesi Foundation.

The Cartesi Foundation is happy to help address any questions, share helpful resources, or advise on formulating the team’s proposal.

We are excited to see your proposals and work together towards the growth of the Cartesi ecosystem!


Hi everyone – Submissions for this RFP are now closed. This project is now being worked on by Think&Dev team.

Learn more about their proposal here.