[RFC] 0XGO: CTSI Staking For Good

Gm, Gm everyone. We are 0XGO and would love to get feedback on our product + invite you to participate in our early access program trough Zealy and Dapp Testing.


Presenting 0XGO: A fund for public goods. We initially help Web3 Learning communities and provide financial support to run events, Hackathons and basic expenses. A financial layer for communities.


In web3 learning communities. Our shared enthusiasm for decentralized solutions is clear, yet financial support can unlock untapped potential. Enhancing our learning experiences and enabling impactful changes. With solutions like 0XGO, having a base income by participating in Liquid Staking Protocols and running Delegate Staking Pools can propel our communities towards innovation.

The Problem

Community Organizers as myself (Karol) at HERDAO Spain, and Denny - Leading NodeschoolSM are active participants in Learning Communities that promote the gathering of active learners there exists a potential that can be unleashed through financial support.

This financial support to communities can enable having better resources, and offer incentives that empower every member to contribute in a whole new level, just like H.E.R DAO. On-boarding women into the ecosystem by giving them scholarships and grants to participate in Web3 Hackathons and events from ALL over the world.

Let us unite not just in enthusiasm, but in action. In providing the necessary or basic components so we can propel our communities towards a future marked by resilience, innovation, and inclusivity.

Solution: Delegate Staking to empower communities

0XGO actively participates in staking protocols by operating nodes to earn passive rewards, and staking incentives. These rewards can be directed towards community initiatives, making real impact and boosting new-growing communities.

We see a huge opportunity in Cartesi, where we can collect Node Running Rewards in CTSI and disburse those rewards among our communities. Our Protocol delegation can be used to be put on Yield-Generating products like IdleFinance, Yearn or Beefy - to boost Protocol Rewards. Our Safety Module + Unstaking fees helps us mitigate costs and availability of tokens.

0XGO has a lift in yield by running Staking Pools to earn partners and protocol owned tokens. Participants can also earn NFTs as badges that can help lowering the protocol fees and grant access to VIP Pools.

Impact in the Cartesi Ecosystem

Apart from being one of the first Dapps that allows CTSI Staking at ease + provide protocol rewards on the top of the total yield, by also helping communities. We believe 0XGO can lift the following sectors:

  1. Bringing Early Adopters: Allow freshers to participate in the Cartesi Ecosystem easily.
  2. CTSI Stakers: Have a core component in DeFi Products, Staking Pools that make impact.
  3. Learning Communities: Help communities onboard developers into the Cartesi Ecosystem. A financial layer powering Education.
  4. Events and more: Promote 0XGO<>Cartesi brand in events, create content to learn about Cartesi and fund new projects with small grants to boost up the Cartesi Ecosystem as well.

Protocol Fees and Rewards

1. Relayer Incentives

  • 0.7% of the balance pending to be staked (From Reward Pool, 250 CTSI CAP)
  • 1.3% in ZEROToken of the balance pending to be staked (420 CAP)

2. Unstaking Fees

  • Unstake, 5% goes to protocol participants (basically giving the user 93% it’s total balance + earned)

3. Staking Pools
Users can participate in Staking Pools to earn rewards such as USDC, USDT, DAI. Their shares in based in the amount of ZERO Tokens they hold.

Technical Cartesi Usage

0XGO is a Cartesi Dapp, where users can earn utility tokens and a percentage of the rewards form the Reward Pool by executing or relaying a Voucher - which is also proposed in the following RFP - #003

Users Want More Utility for CTSI





Hey Denny here. Happy to assist you in any doubts, comments and suggestions. Our docs are still under development and will be updated pretty soon.

We invite you to Stake and participate https://0xgo.fund/stake, or take a look to our Roadmap here: https://0xgo-fund.gitbook.io/docs/welcome/intro#going-live-at-the-end-of-q2


Hey guys, great initiative. :grin::+1:

To be honest at first sight it seems a bit sketchy. How can I trust this protocol is working? Don’t take this the wrong way. There needs some sort of trust factor being involved that gives me confidence to stake my tokens to your protocol (or maybe it’s just me?)

I also encountered an error while I wanted to put in a number to stake tokens.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I love the initiative and would love to see more projects like this come to life!


Hello Marek, :smiley:

First of all thanks a lot for taking the time to read our proposal and test out our POC, and of course - your feedback.
Trust has a huge value, and we cannot ignore that in DeFi products this has to be made from each protocol participants and community. We are more than aware that for this current version of our product we don’t have that big community backing us, the product has errors we already know - just like any POC. We have a clear understanding of the path we want for 0XGO.

H.E.R. DAO and NodeSchoolSM have been fundamental pillars in our personal and professional development. We have no doubt that financial support is crucial for these and other communities to continue their activities.

I want to emphasize that we have a clear timeline for 0XGO, we are in a building Phase right now, and with feedback like yours we plan to lift the trust we make and update documentation so others can easily understand the clockworks of our system.

Sorry if we gave the sense of being on a stage different from testnet, or that our product failed but we are not in a position to hold real-mainnet tokens at this point but will be really soon.

To answer your question, at the moment all our code is public at 0xGO Fund · GitHub where we are working with Yield Adapter from Beefy - https://beefy.com, and in regards to the Smart Contract Implementation. They should be audited once we move to mainnet.

Thanks again, please don’t hesitate to send us any other questions or suggestions.


Awesome response @dolvin! Can’t wait to see the mainnet version of 0XGO! Keep us up-to-date.


Wow, this project is incredibly exciting! I’m thrilled to see initiatives like 0XGO paving the way for positive change in Web3 learning communities. I can’t wait to dive in and participate in the early access program through Zealy and Dapp Testing. It’s inspiring to see how 0XGO is addressing the financial support gap and empowering communities to thrive. Count me in for the journey towards resilience, innovation, and inclusivity!


Bravo team! H.E.R. DAO devs always shipping :grinning:

Your proposal is top notch and hope this gets the support it needs!