Donation to open source projects

Most of what was built in the web3 ecosystem was thanks to the open source movement.
It would be awesome to see the Foundation supporting other open source projects that made that happen.

My initial suggestion is a monthly donation of $1000 from the Foundation to a different project every month.
The project of the month could be voted by the community.
Candidates for the month could be posted to this forum with a text describing why that project should earn it, what is its relevance, etc.

This could be amplified by marketing as well.


I also liked this idea:

"Cycles compensation - med

Imagine if some of the gas paid for Ethereum transactions went to the smart contracts themselves, and from there to all of the open source libraries those contracts were made of.

That’s the core idea behind cycles compensation."


This is interesting. Can you elaborate or give a few examples of open-source projects that would be eligible? How different would these projects be from those covered by the CGP?

I thought about projects that I use to build what we are building. Small to medium sized projects, those that are not super funded, independent developers, or small group of developers, that $1000 may make some difference, besides the recognition and appreciation.

GitHub has a nice system for that.

Couple of libraries that are awesome and I’d contribute below. But I’m sure every developer will come up with candidates.

I like the idea of supporting projects and builders that are not specific to the Cartesi ecosystem but are public goods that we utilize and have also had impact in the broader ecosystem.