PvP Arcade games with fair tokenomics and fun competitive gameplay

Hello, everyone, since I’m not a developer myself I decided to share my ideas with Cartesi community in hopes that someone finds it useful!

My idea is quite simple, I suggest to deploy a pack of dapps (pvp p2e games) with simple mechanics and fair tokenomics that will help to showcase Cartesi Rollups technology and engage with community in a fun competitive way.

Basic idea:

  • Take any arcade game you like (Tetris, Space Invaders, Tower Defence, Snake, etc.)
  • Deploy your own version on chain (Ethereum, or other chains with cheaper transaction fees)
  • Compete with other players, 1 v 1 matches, tournaments, etc.
  • Both players pay to play base fee 5 CTSI (or any other token/amount), winner gets 9 CTSI, devs get 1 CTSI.

Game mechanic:

  • When you open dapp and connect your wallet - Play button activates, it launches an interaction with the smart contract to pay your 5 CTSI to play.
  • Both players play the game for a limited time (1-3 minutes per match). When time runs out players submit their scores.
  • Smart contract matches 2 scores and autopays the winner.

With this mechanic you don’t even need real-time pvp, you can simply play whenever you want and wait for any second player to submit his score after you.

Tournaments are similar, but instead of 1 v 1 match everyone compete on daily tournament and the winner gets ~90% of the pool at the fixed time of tournament end, reward pool is generated by all tournament players.

Step by step interaction with dapp: Open - Connect Wallet (manually or auto) - Click Play - Confirm Transaction - Play the Game - Submit your Score - Wait for the results of the next player - Get your reward automatically deposited to the wallet if you win and get an update in your Score Records if you lose.

It should work even better with the use of Cartesi technology, since you only need to interact with blockchain for the transactions and the rest of the game can be built via mainstream tools/languages.

If anyone will be interested to use this idea I would be happy to help where I can! I am a graphic designer, content and community manager. Any feedback is welcomed!

my knowledge in actual programming is ~0, but with what I understand it should be relatively easy to deploy and test such gaming dapps, if you’re not a newbie like me :blush: I tried to keep everything as clear and simple as possible, but I might not be aware of some technical flaws.


It’s a good idea to bring more people into the community. Such simple games with instant payouts are undoubtedly liked by people. And besides, it is possible to further develop Cartesi’s usecases on such games.

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Exactly my thoughts,
Check-out what we build for the chainlink hackathon.

A fully onchain PvP private information game with fair tokenomics and weekly tournament system.

This is really cool. Our marketing team has shared this on the CGP Discord channel as well.

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