Technical Vision Council Meeting Minutes

Technical Vision Council Meeting #1 – December 14, 2023

Member Attendance

Present: Carsten Munk (Chair), Erick de Moura, Payal Patel, Cynthia Gliga, Pedro Argento, Carlo Fragni, Milton Jonathan, Bruno Maia

Absent: Augusto Teixeira

Secretary (Non-Voting): Brandon Isaacson


Item # 1: Minimalist Integration Between Cartesi Rollups and Espresso Sequencer / DA Layer

Summary of Proposal / Forum Discussion: To fully unlock the computational capacity and increased design space offered by Cartesi Rollups and the Cartesi Virtual Machine with its Linux OS, DApps need access to more robust data availability solutions. This proposal seeks to prioritize a minimalist integration between Cartesi Rollups and the data availability solution by the team at Espresso.

The short-term goal of this integration is to explore the expanded DApp design space made possible by Cartesi + Espresso DA. In the medium-term, this integration also aims to provide valuable lessons for further protocol integrations with other DA layers like EigenDA, Celestia, and Syscoin, bringing Cartesi’s modular vision to life.

Vote: 8 in favor. 0 against.

Item # 2: Nonodo: local Cartesi node for development and testing

Summary of Proposal / Forum Discussion: The Cartesi Node is the software that validators execute when validating DApps on mainnet. The current implementation of the Cartesi Node has a “host mode” that allows developers to quickly test their applications in a local environment. The Cartesi Node Reference Implementation Unit intends to rewrite the Cartesi Node software with a new architecture that does not include host mode.

This proposal seeks to prioritize an alternative to host mode, so that once the new node architecture is implemented and current host mode is deprecated, developers can still have a playground to test their DApp logic without delving into the underlying complexities of the Cartesi infrastructure.

Vote: 8 in favor. 0 against.