Reduce Rollups Node reading costs


The Rollups Node spends ~$100 per month in log reading [1]. This cost is just for reading events from the blockchain for a single DApp. And, since the existing Node supports only a single DApp, the cost will grow linearly for the number of DApps the node runner wants to support.

Proposed Solution

If we follow the route of the Multi-DApp Rollups Node, we can share the reading costs for multiple DApps. We could also use subsquid instead of implementing the log-reading logic ourselves, reducing the costs even further.


For the new Node I believe this is a paramount feature and super important.

some food for thoughts:

1 - From sunodo point of view the change from old node to new one will be complex?

2 - sunodo can keep using the old node without such features until the new one us fully ready and support all the convenience on deployment. From developer point of view Sunodo should preserve convenience and we do a handover that will be transparent for developer (our customer)

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