DeFi and a expanded design space exploration

I fully support this vision. The idea is to connect to the current narrative of DeFi and be an asset to current DeFi projects. Existing blockchain developers need to understand that they can do what they currently do on traditional EVM blockchains and see what more they can offer with Cartesi. It’s the best way to attract them; they need to realize that not using Cartesi is limiting their possibilities. I know that Cartesi has chosen to be an entry point for Web2 developers, but it should be primarily appealing to current Web3 developers.

In line with this vision, it’s essential that Cartesi VM allows the creation of DApps like (See this proposal), which can only be created when Cartesi VM allows access to external data via APIs like Alchemy. Video games are a good niche, and I agree, but they are aimed at a particular group of customers. In this proposition, I can easily see video game projects on the launchpad, where there would certainly be high participation. But the idea is to create a DApp that would be the heart of the ecosystem. This DApp needs to appeal to all types of users without targeting a specific niche.

The idea of a DEX analysis tool combined with a launchpad is something general where everyone in the blockchain universe would find their interest. And the launchpad allows both developers and investors to create and invest in ideas with more specific and niche goals. All in a sustainable user-funded model.

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