CGP RFP initiative: Further decentralizing the ecosystem

With the ecosystem’s ongoing evolution, the Grants Council proposes initiating a process to transform some of the rich ideas and discussions from the Technical Vision Forum into actionable RFPs (Request for Proposals). These RFPs will then be outsourced, inviting the community to actively submit proposals to execute on the RFPs through grants.

Given that the Technical Vision Forum is best positioned for innovative and creative technical discussions, it stands out as the best place to generate RFP ideas that tackle immediate needs of the ecosystem.

Cartesi Grants Program’s goal is to grow the population of enthusiastic and talented value-aligned builders in the ecosystem. We see the RFP approach as an ideal way to attract new, mission-aligned individuals and teams to contribute to the ecosystem through RFPs.

This ensures that we fund projects addressing ecosystem needs with the highest positive impact.

How RFP Idea Generation Will Work:

Idea Selection: We encourage the technical vision council and core technical unit members to start by revisiting the previous vision forum discussions and identifying potential ideas that could be transformed into RFPs.

Proposal Development: Use these ideas to develop detailed RFPs together with the Grants Council. We encourage using the provided RFP Template for consistency and clarity.

Community Engagement: Once these RFPs are submitted, the Grants Council will review, provide feedback and ultimately, publish this for the community to contribute.

RFP format:

When proposing RFP ideas, please use the provided RFP Template below to submit your RFP. Once complete, please send a Discord dm to me, and the Grants Council will review and give feedback.

RFP Template

RFP Title:


What is required to execute this Grant: