Immunify: Decentralized Healthcare on Cartesi-rollup


Thank you for submitting your proposal, and congratulations on your hackathon win! :blush:

Your project is indeed intriguing, and I wholeheartedly support the goal of enhancing transparency in health data management and fostering more convenient, private patient-doctor relationships.

Regrettably, my opinion is that this proposal does not align with the project guidelines set forth for the grant program. Upon review, it appears more like a comprehensive DApp proposal rather than reusable infrastructure. Specifically, the UI design and development, front-end development, and deployment/testing milestones appear to be beyond the scope of a community grant. I’m interested in hearing whether others share this viewpoint.

However, the first milestone might still be a suitable candidate. If the Data encryption, decryption, and compression modules are developed in a generalizable and reusable fashion, they could potentially be deemed eligible for the program, in my opinion. I do have some questions regarding these modules’ functionality, such as how the ingestion engine would hash data using the private keys (sk) of patients and doctors within the Cartesi Machine without exposing those keys. Moreover, I’m curious about why data compression would take place on-chain rather than off-chain before entering the Cartesi Machine. A more detailed explanation or specification of these modules could help address these concerns and provide better insight into their implementation.

Let’s see what the others say,