Cartesi Lambada - a "worse is better" initiative

Hey there! Ok, got it. So, about bridging:

  1. No Ethereum assets in Lambada right now, ok!
  2. About the road you described to get there (hopefully by Q1/Q2!), I kind of missed the whole story about submitting claims (which I guess cannot be done every input, hence epochs) and then validating/disputing them. How do you see that?

I guess in general, I was puzzled by this sentence you wrote:

As appchains are sovereign, bridging messages into other machines (EVM, other Cartesi machines) is seen as running a client for the appchain within the VM of that chain and reading state of the appchain.

But having Ethereum read the state of the Cartesi Machine is quite hard! And that’s what Rollups is all about: the whole story of epochs, claims, fault proofs, and executing the exact RISC-V instruction of disagreement on-chain to find out who’s right and who’s wrong.

I’ll add some other comments in subsequent posts, but this one is the main thing I’d like to be sure that we’re on the same page.

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