Adding Utility To $CTSI Is A Must!

It is great to see such an open discussion on this topic, something I honestly did not expect, only hoped for. :pray:

Initiatives such as the Cartesi Grants Program (CGP) are great accelerators for adding utility to the $CTSI token in my opinion. So kudos to the team @bruno.maia @erick.demoura @felipeargento @hellen @gabrielbarros @bmaia18 and everyone I missed.

Halving/Deflation Token Supply

Thank you for the detailed replies @Paolo. I agree that halving is not the solution. It can only be part of a ‘solution’. Here is my view on deflation/inflation regarding people being incentivised to spend and invest:

I think it doesn’t really matter as long as there is enough utility to a token.

Bitcoin As An Example

Take Bitcoin for example. People have been debating whether it’s a store of value or a medium of exchange for over a decade. It’s becoming more obvious now that it’s being used as a store of value, maybe not what Satoshi intended. Bitcoin has had an inflating supply since its inception (while also having halvings implemented). However now with BRC-20 tokens, Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs people are ‘spending’ and ‘investing’ their Bitcoins like there is no tomorrow.

The key here is again utility

Ethereum As An Example

Take Ethereum ($ETH) for example. When its ICO was held, people bought into the vision that someday people would use the $ETH token. There was no utlity, no ERC20, NFTs, ERC404 or anything alike at that time. When ERC20 tokens were introduced, as well as NFTs and now ERC404 tokens, the ecosystem exploded. This explosion had barely anything to do with the supply increase or decrease.

Again… utility

Gold As An Example

Take Gold… while it’s supply is very limited, it is still increasing every year (approximately 1-3% per year). It’s being used as a store of value, because its use case, or utility, is very limited. You can’t grow crops with it, you can’t eat it, and you definitely can’t buy groceries with it.

Why People Spend Money?

Because let’s face it, why do you spend your hard earned money? Because you are getting something better for it in return, whether it’s simply food, shelter, water or a fantastic holiday. People invest their money & tokens, because they believe they are getting something greater in return for it.

I think there is a lack of support for halving the token rewards within the $CTSI ecosystem. It is also a fact that the mining reserve has already depleted for more than 50%, so it’s not that important. However I’d like to see more utility for the $CTSI token as I outlayed in my first post. I believe by bringing this awareness to the community, seeing all your guys amazing feedback, and seeing initiatives such as the ones @Brandon mentions, it can definitely help and foster the growth of it.


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